JETNET Creates Powerful, Industry-Changing Market Analysis Tool

JETNET LLC, the world leader in aviation market intelligence, has significantly expanded its unique, aviation-specific customer relationship management tool, JETNET CRM, to include market analysis, market research and prospect management functions. They’ve announced a major new release and branding for the product, designed specifically for aircraft professionals. Improvements include specific aircraft selection and sorting with ownership and sales histories; custom-designed lead generation reports with hundreds of potential buyers; high-probability target list generation; custom notes, action items, and flagged prospects; and easily managed lead/prospect lists and generated reports for importing/merging into scheduled emails. To reflect its new functionality and expanded applications, they’ve branded the new product JETNET Marketplace Manager. Working hand-in-hand with JETNET Evolution Marketplace, the company’s flagship intelligence service, Marketplace Manager accesses a combined database of JETNET’s worldwide data, and a company’s own information.

“When we see a need in the marketplace, we fill it,” said Vincent Esposito, JETNET President. “Our customers love JETNET CRM, and we saw the potential to do more with it for those who buy and sell aircraft. This was the perfect opportunity to develop a software service that fits uniquely within the aviation marketplace, and be customizable by our users themselves.”

JETNET CRM, designed exclusively for the aviation industry, allowed customers to combine all of JETNET’s extensive customer data with their own, to create custom applications that give users the best of both worlds. In the new Marketplace Manager, JETNET has expanded the product to include broader market functions like market analysis, market research, including sold comparables and market surveys, along with prospect management, enabling each client to create a unique view of the aircraft market tailored to meet their needs.

Clients now have the ability to cost-effectively manage prospects for each of their aircraft through an innovative Prospector tool. Users can create six different targeted call lists, accounting for hundreds of likely buyers for each aircraft listed for sale. Custom-designed lead generation reports help clients identify aircraft prospects, understand the marketplace better, and find buyers.

JETNET has addressed security and proprietary data concerns by hosting each subscriber’s application separately, so there’s no risk of competitors having access to your proprietary information. Each customer works from their own completely separate database, at a unique, dedicated website address that combines all of their own information with all of JETNET’s. Marketplace Manager is maintained and hosted by Aero Web Tech, an independent database software firm, to provide physical and contractual separation between individual clients’ databases and proprietary needs.

“We’ll be making revolutionary improvements to Marketplace Manager in the coming year,” said Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Vice President of Sales. “Dealers and brokers can share all this crucial information with their staff regardless of location, through a standard browser interface. You’ll have instant, secure, and worldwide access to the most trusted aviation market research data available.” The product is web-based, so it works equally well on both PC and Mac platforms, as well as on a smartphone or iPad. Marketplace Manager requires a subscription to the JETNET Evolution service.

Among JETNET’s clientele are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and government and advocacy groups for business and commercial aviation worldwide. As of March 2014, JETNET’s database of in-operation aircraft exceeded 100,000 airframes, which includes business jets, business turboprops, commercial airliners (both jets and turboprops), and Helicopters (both turbine and piston). The database includes comprehensive details on aircraft airframes, engines, avionics and cabin amenities, as well as aircraft owners and operators, lessors and lessees, fractional owners and a host of other entities associated with aircraft. Also included are transaction histories on aircraft dating back more than 25 years.

Since 1988, JETNET has delivered the most comprehensive and reliable business aircraft research to its exclusive clientele of aviation professionals worldwide. JETNET is the ultimate source for information and intelligence on the worldwide business, commercial, and helicopter aircraft fleet and marketplace, comprised of some 100,000 airframes. Headquartered in its state-of-the-art facility in Utica, NY, JETNET offers comprehensive user-friendly aircraft data via real-time internet access or regular updates.



JETNET Releases March 2014 and First Quarter 2014 Pre-Owned Business Jet, Business Turboprop, Helicopter, and Commercial Airliner Market Information

JETNET Business Aviation Market ReportJETNET_March_Market_InfoUTICA, NY – JETNET LLC, the leading provider of corporate aviation information, has released March 2014 and first quarter 2014 results for the pre-owned business jet, business turboprop, helicopter, and commercial airliner markets.

Market Summary
Highlighted in Table A are key worldwide trends across all aircraft market segments, comparing March 2014 to March 2013. Fleet For Sale percentages for business jet and business turboprop market sectors were down in the March comparisons, but increased slightly in the helicopter markets.

Business jets are showing a good start in the first quarter of 2014, with a 3.1% increase in pre-owned sale transactions, and are taking less time to sell (73 days less) than last year, with a 11.6% decrease in average asking price. Business turboprops decreased 15.8% in sale transactions, with a double-digit decrease in average asking price of 29.4%.

Both turbine and piston helicopters saw declines in sale transactions YTD at 9.6% and 2.8%, respectively. Turbine helicopters recorded a double-digit increase in average asking price of 35.2% in the YTD comparisons through March 2013.

Download the full report (PDF)